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【英语听力】How to Make Vegetables into Cute Shapes for Bento Boxes

【英语听力】How to Make Vegetables into Cute Shapes for Bento Boxes


Making vegetables into fun shapes are great way to make bento box more exciting.


So here I have sliced carrots.

This is pre-boiled, so it's quite soft, and well not too soft, but soft enough to use cookie cutter.


Take any kind of cookie cutter of your choice, today I have flower, and you just push and punch out the shape, so you have a carrot flower ready.


Now, let's change radish into magic mushroom.


You need a radish and all you have to do is just run your knife around without cutting the whole thing.


You're going to go from the top and cut to the place where you ran the knife.

You do it full size, so you'll end up with a stem part of the mushroom that looks a little too square right now, so I'm going to let the knife go through the corner to make it more round, like that, and then you can cut off this part.


So, you have a stem part of the mushroom, and let's make the polka dot.


So, using the corner of your knife, you just have to make a circle shape and pop out, and do a couple more.

Just space out evenly, and as you practice, you get better at this, so don't worry if the first one doesn't come out perfectly.

There. So you have magic mushroom, and then let's make apple rabbit.

To do this, you need apple and you cut this into half and half and half.

So, it's one-eighth, and you're going to take out the seed part, like so, and then you're going to put the V shape right here, like this.


Now, these are going to be the ear, so you have to peel some part of it so that it looks more like an ear, like that, and there.


And because apple oxidizes and turns brown, to prevent that just rub lemon on surface like this, and this will prevent apple from turning brown.




oxy-[`CksI]表示“氧, 氢氧基”之义


Edamame and baby tomatoes are very popular item to put in bento box, but you can make it funnier by putting them in a fun skewer like this.

So, take a baby tomato and put it through like that and put some edamame so that it's so cute and also easy for children to just pick it up and eat them.

So, these are my favorite ways to jazz up the bento box. Please enjoy.




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